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What is Nordic walking?

Nordic walking is walking with two poles with specially designed gloves to provide propulsion. By using your upper body as well as your legs you walk faster and feel lighter. If done correctly it's a very effective, full body workout which is great for toning and improving cardiovascular fitness. Nordic walking is recommended by many health professionals, including GP's and physiotherapists as it's suitable for most levels of fitness and is very effective.

Nordic walking 'V' Treking poles

Nordic walking poles are different as they have specially designed gloves, which are left and right handed to support the Nordic technique,(Treking poles cannot be used for Nordic walking as they just have a loose loop which is not appropriate); Nordic walking poles also need to be correctly sized for an individual's height, so that the pole is 'planted' in the correct position at around 45 degrees and finally they have a removable rubber ‘paw’ (angled at 45 degrees) to cover tips of the pole for walking on hard surfaces.

Advice on Nordic walking poles, correct sizing and whether to purchase fixed length or adjustable can be given as part of my classes. Or just call me for a chat.

Great reasons to try Nordic walking

  • Good cardiovascular exercise for heart and lungs
  • By working all major muscles you burn 20-40% more calories than just walking.
  • Improves posture and upper body strength
  • Low impact, great for backs, hips and knees
  • Easy and low cost
  • Sociable and outdoors

What to wear?

For Nordic walking, you ideally need flexible soled shoes (to support the technique of pushing of the ball of the foot). Layered and breathable clothes are recommended along with water proofs. A small and slim rucksack also works well, so that your arms are free to swing from the shoulder, supporting good Nordic walking technique.

As with all exercise it is advisable to bring a drink. Sun screen and hats in hot weather are also important. Nordic walking poles are available to use in my classes.