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Welcome to Nordic Walking Devon 

If you're looking for an enjoyable way to improve your health and fitness Nordic Walking is a great place to start ...... and Devon's beautiful coast and countryside make a stunning backdrop.

As an increasingly popular activity, with specific trails at Exeter's Haldon Forest Park, Nordic walking is easy to learn and suitable for all fitness levels. Nordic Walking Devon also provides walking wellness holidays and retreats. See the holidays page for more details.   

Learn the technique by attending the British Nordic Walking INWA 10 Steps course or by having some private tuition. Practice and refine your technique by attending our weekly Coast and Countryside or Nordic Fitness Walks at Haldon Forest Park.  read more.


Nordic Walking is effective as using poles for 'propulsion' engages the upper body and core resulting in improvements to overall body strength & cardiovascular fitness. The correct placement of the pole, combined with the rhythmic nature of Nordic walking, also helps to improve the range of movement around joints, posture, and balance. It's easy to learn and can be done by anyone, anywhere and does not require expensive equipment or clothing. 


It's recommended by many health professionals, including GP's and physiotherapists as it's suitable for most levels of fitness and is very effective.

Nordic walking poles are available to use in all of the classes.



Discover Nordic Walking.  Hope you can join us soon! 



Nordic Walking Devon is run by Fiona Swan, with over 10 years of experience teaching Nordic walking and motivating individuals to keep fit and well. 

Fiona has trained with both British Nordic Walking and Nordic Walking UK, is also a Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer with additional qualifications in GP Exercise Referral & Pre and Post Natal exercise and 'Exercise for Lower Back Pain'.


Public Health England and Active Devon recommends Nordic walking as a way to meet the guidelines for health. 

Fiona is fully insured, DSB checked, and a member of CIMSPA the Charted Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity. See Fiona's Certificate

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  • Weekly Nordic Fitness Walking
  • Walk the Nordic 2, 4 and 5K routes
  • Socialble group 



  • Powderham Castle Pilates 
  • Classes
  • One to one

What is Nordic Walking?


Originating from Finland in the 1930's Nordic walking is a fitness activity which engages the upper body as well as the legs when walking. By using poles to propel yourself along you can walk much faster and feel lighter. 


If done correctly it's a full body workout, burning 20 -40% more calories than ordinary walking making it a great activity for overall fitness and weight loss!