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Discover Nordic walking with a free taster class at Haldon Forest Park or National Trust Killerton. The session will give you a feel for walking with the poles, and just how effective the technique is in helping to improve posture, increase speed, and make hills feel so much easier! The session is suitable for all fitness levels and Nordic walking poles are provided. Hope you can join us soon. 

Next Dates

Thurs 25th Nov  - 1.00 - 1.45pm - Haldon Forest Park Reserve your place

Monday 10th Jan - 2.15 - 3.00pm - Haldon Forest Park Reserve your place

Tuesday 18th Jan - 1.00 - 1.45pm - National Trust Killerton Reserve your place


Places are limited - To reserve your place either book online or email   

If you enjoy the taster class you may like to continue to learn the full Nordic walking technique by undertaking the British Nordic Walking, INWA 10 - Step method, you can do this by either attending a group class or having private sessions.  



Learn the full Nordic Walking technique - by undertaking the British Nordic Walking, INWA 10-Step method. Developed by sports scientists and biomechanics experts, the INWA10 Steps is a tried and tested way of ensuring individuals adopt the best posture and technique to get the most out of Nordic Walking.

By undertaking the course and learning the full technique over a number of sessions, there is time to break the process down into key steps, consolidate the learning and practice various drills. As the course is internationally recognised you will become part of a British Nordic Walking network, here in Devon, UK, and abroad. Nordic walking poles provided. 




Thurs 2nd Dec (Steps 1 - 6)  & 9th Dec (Steps 7-10) -  1.30 - 3.00pm - Haldon Forest Park  Book Training

Monday 17th Jan (Steps 1 - 6)  & 24th Jan (Steps 7-10) -  2.30 - 4.00pm - Haldon Forest Park  Book Training

Tuesday 25th Jan(Steps 1 - 6)  & 1st Feb (Steps 7-10) -  1.30 - 3.00pm - National Trust Killerton  Book Training


Cost £49 

Places are limited - To reserve your place please email   


If you prefer a more personal approach a one-to-one session may be just for you, especially if you would like to combine the training with bespoke fitness advice to meet your individual needs. 

Private 1 to 1 session - £40.        

Private 1 to 2 session - £45


To book or discuss any aspect of your requirements please email   





To attend a Nordic walking session all you need is:


Nordic walking poles - available to use in my classes

Comfortable clothing - anything that is suitable for walking 

Flexible soled shoes - Trainers or walking shoes are ideal 

Waterproofs - in case it rains

If you wish to carry a bag,  a slim rucksac is ideal. This enables your arms to swing freely to support the technique.  

Water - to keep hydrated


Nordic Walking Poles are different from trekking poles as they have specially designed gloves, which are left and right handed to support the Nordic walking technique. The two poles themselves are identical. What's really important for Nordic walking is the pole height. The poles need to be correctly sized for your height, so that once you are underway with Nordic walking technique the pole is 'planted' in the correct position, at around 45 degrees to the ground. This allows for the propulsion effect of Nordic walking, you are pushing yourself forward and walking faster as a result. 

If you are walking on a road or cycle trail, you can add an angled removable rubber end called ‘paws’, to the tip to allow for traction, just like with a car tyre. 

Advice on Nordic walking poles, brands and the various types along with correct sizing is given as part of Fiona's classes.

Please note that standard trekking poles cannot be used for Nordic walking as they don't have the hand glove. One very clear analogy that I have recently come across is that it's like using a tennis racket for badminton and vice versa. You just wouldn't do it.



Nordic walking sessions using the designated 2.5k, 4k and 5K Nordic trails are held at Haldon Forest Park on Mondays 12.15 pm and Thursdays at 11am.


Coast and Countryside Nordic walks are held every Tuesday at various south Devon locations at 10am 

For more details see here


Hope you can join a group class soon!