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Originating from Finland in the 1930's Nordic walking is a fitness activity which engages the upper body as well as the legs when walking. By using poles to propel yourself along you can walk much faster and feel lighter. 

 If done correctly it's a full body workout, burning 20 -40% more calories than ordinary walking making it a great activity for overall fitness and weight loss. 

Nordic walking is recommended by many health professionals, including GP's and physiotherapists as it's suitable for most levels of fitness and is very effective.

It's easy to learn and can be done by anyone, anywhere and does not require expensive equipment or clothing.  

Nordic walking in Devon. Whether your walking the coastal paths, cycle trails, Dartmoor or your local playing field, Devon is well suited to Nordic walking. Haldon Forest Park now has an established Nordic 5K route.  

Nordic walking poles are different from treking poles as they have specially designed gloves, which are left and right handed to support the Nordic walking technique. The poles also need to be correctly sized for an individual's height, so that it is 'planted' in the correct position, at around 45 degrees, to the ground. They also have a angled removable rubber ‘paw’, to cover the tips of the pole for use on hard surfaces.

Advice on Nordic walking poles and correct sizing is given as part of Fiona's classes. (Please note that treking poles cannot be used for Nordic walking as they just have a loose loop which is not appropriate.)

  1. "Moderate intensity" cardiovascular exercise 

  2. Burns 20-40% more calories 

  3. Low impact - great for joints 

  4. Good for upper body strength

  5. Outdoor exercise

  6. Mood enhancing

  7. Improves posture

  8. Easy to learn

  9. Sociable 

  10. Low cost

 Join us soon in this glorious part of the South West. Get started with a free taster class or the 'Learn to Nordic Walk' course.