Whether you're walking the coastal paths, Dartmoor or your local playing field, Devon is very well suited to Nordic walking. 

Haldon Forest Park near Exeter now has an established Nordic walking routes.  


of Nordic Walking

  1. "Moderate intensity" cardiovascular exercise

  2. Mood enhancing outdoor exercise 

  3. Low impact & great for joints

  4. Burns 20-40% more calories 

  5. Improves upper body strength

6. Connects with nature

7. Improves posture

8. Easy to learn

9. Sociable 

10. Low cost

Learn to Nordic Walk 

Learn the full technique and complete the nationally recognised Nordic Walking UK 'Learn to Nordic Walk' course. This can be achieved by either having private 1 to 1 or small group lessons. (In line with social distancing requirements)


On completion of the course you will gain the Nordic Walking UK Freedom Passport.


Once you have learnt to Nordic Walk  either 

  1. Walk the Nordic Trails independently

  2. Join the weekly Nordic Fitness walking sessions at Haldon on Monday's and Thursdays

  3. Join in with the weekly Tuesday leisure walks    

Find out more about the weekly group walks click here. 


To Get started and join a friendly group of walkers why not book a lesson soon. 


PS feel free to bring a friend for moral support. Kind regards. Fiona 




  Weekly walks at Haldon Forest Park

Choose to walk either the 'Nordic 2.5k , 4k or 5k' routes at your own pace with groups of like-minded individuals.  


Once you've progressed, you can walk the 5k runners challenge route with many more hills. 


Set your own fitness goals and meet them with help from Nordic Walking UK instructor and personal trainer Fiona Swan.

Improve your health & well-being in a beautiful forest setting with Nordic Fitness Walking.


Mondays Term Time 12.15 - 1.15pm

Thursday's term time 11.00 -12.15pm

Please note this is not an extreme fitness walking class. Individuals are encouraged to walk at a pace and distance that is suitable for them. Walk in pairs and small groups with like minded individuals.  

By attending the weekly class, you will;

  • Set your own fitness goals 

  • Learn how walk more effectively with or without poles

  • Monitor your 'perceived rate exertion' or heart rate to develop your fitness

  • Meet like-minded individuals in a beautiful forest setting  

  • Feel more motivated in a supportive group environment


Next Term Dates


Please note that you will need some Nordic walking training prior to attending this class. See my Classes page for free taster dates and training. Any problems with dates and times please give me a call. 

Nordic Walking Poles

Nordic walking poles are different from trekking poles as they have specially designed gloves, which are left and right handed to support the Nordic walking technique. The poles also need to be correctly sized for an individual's height, so that it is 'planted' in the correct position, at around 45 degrees, to the ground. They also have a angled removable rubber ‘paw’, to cover the tips of the pole for use on hard surfaces.

Advice on Nordic walking poles and correct sizing is given as part of Fiona's classes. (please note that standard treking poles cannot be used for Nordic walking as they just have a loose loop which is not appropriate.)




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