Improve your health & wellbeing by Nordic walking on a regular basis. Nordic Fitness Walking classes are held at Haldon Forest Park on Mondays and Thursdays.

Or join the Tuesday morning Coast and Countryside walks held at various Devon locations.    

Haldon Forest Park - Nordic Fitness Walking


12.15 - 1.30pm

& Thursday 11.00 - 12.15pm


Choose to walk Haldon's 'Nordic 2.5k , 4k or 5k' routes at your own pace with groups of like-minded individuals. Ongoing tuition is also provided as part of the classes.  The Nordic trails are clearly signposted for your ease of navigation!

Along with Nordic walking also set your own fitness goals and meet them with help Fiona who is also a qualified  personal trainer. 

The session is suitable for all ages and fitness levels as you will be encouraged to walk in small socially distanced groups with others at a similar level, enabling you to walk at a suitable pace to improve health and wellbeing. Group warm up and stretches (with social distancing) at the start and finish. 

By attending the weekly class, you will;

​·       Learn how walk more effectively with or without poles

·       Monitor your 'perceived rate exertion' or heart rate to develop your fitness

·       Meet like-minded individuals in a beautiful forest setting  

·       Feel more motivated in a supportive group environment


Optional refreshments at the outdoor Ridge Cafe afterwards. 

Term dates and cost.

Next Term Dates

Monday 7th June - 19th July - To join contact Fiona 

Monday 13th Sept - 18th Oct - 6 weeks £36


Thursday 10th June - 22nd July -  To join contact Fiona

Thursday 9th Sept - 21st Oct - 7 weeks £42

Please note to participate in the walks you need to have had some Nordic Walking training. Please see my training options. Please do call or e mail me if you have any questions. Best wishes. Fiona     


Coast & Countryside Walks


10:00 - 12.00pm


Enjoy Devon, socialise and keep fit and well with my programme of Tuesday walks across the South Devon area.


Each walk is selected for it's suitability for Nordic walking, its accessibility and parking, along with it's vicinity to good cafes or pubs for refreshments afterwards. Many great places allow us to park in their car parks in return for us visiting afterwards. 

To attend the walks you just need to be able to walk 4- 6 miles.  


Walks are paced to the slowest member of the group and those who wish to walk faster can go ahead and circulate back to re-join the group.

Hope you can join us soon and explore Devon and keep fit and socialise at the same time. To get the next programme of Tuesday walks please e mail. 

Best wishes. 


One to One Training 

one hour sessions by appointment


If after the latest lockdown you are new or returning to exercise and feel you would prefer to have some one to one 'walking for fitness' sessions, where we can walk with or without poles and perhaps do some strength and resistance training please do get in touch.


A few private sessions incorporating various elements of fitness such as cardio vascular fitness, strength, flexibility or balance may be just what you need to re build confidence or increase motivation to get out doing regular exercise and walking again. 


Private 1 to 1 (I hour sessions) cost £35. 

To find out more to discuss and tailor the sessions to your individual requirements please contact Fiona